Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

- Tuesday 9th of September, 2014

Hypernode, Enterprise Hybrid datacentres today officially launches its services to provide end to end cloud solutions to the IT Channel.

After 12 months of investment and development, Hypernode is the result of a partnering of the acquired Infraserve datacentre with a number of additional datacentre locations and infrastructure. Created as a dedicated infrastructure arm of the iCITA group of companies and leveraging strategic partnerships with Equinx and Huawei. Hypernode is positioned to enable solution providers with the infrastructure, education and tools to accelerate the adoption of the cloud as a key part of their business.
“As an experienced solution provider to the channel, we learned very quickly that the biggest challenge moving businesses forward to take full advantage of what public, private and hybrid cloud had to offer via our infrastructure, was developing the business processes, migration tools and consistent pricing models to allow scalability. We’ve created a proprietary Infrastructure Solution Framework under Hypernode to empower the channel with these same tools and experience we’ve developed. All our partners are equipped with these tools and that’s one of the great competitive advantages of coming on board with Hypernode” said Damien Stephens, CEO at iCITA

Infrastructure Solution Framework empowering the channel
In addition to a comprehensive range of infrastructure and platform products, Hypernode provides a complete timeline of consultancy-backed services designed to ensure our partners can avoid all the common pitfalls of complex migration scenarios. The Infrastructure Solution Framework starts with the Reference Architecture Kit, providing a suite of best-practice, proven infrastructure designs for partners to easily adapt to fit their individual end user customer environments. The Solution Designer then steps in to allow even complex, multi-site, hybrid or DR-enabled architectures to be priced by providers, taking full advantage of the Hypernode product range. Finally, the Migration Kit provides an end to end process, including documentation, build sheets and tools, to provide a reference process for trouble-free transitions of end user data and applications into the cloud. These three ingredients allow Hypernode partners to accelerate their ability to confidently deliver enterprise class cloud solutions to their customers without the guesswork.
Interoperability and flexibility
Hypernode’s network has been built from the ground up to allow interoperability with a variety of networks and vendors, both internally in Hypernode locations and out to on-premise environments
“In designing the Hypernode network we were faced with a number of unique challenges. We wanted to leverage our investments in HP, Cisco and Huawei infrastructure and create on top of this a secure, scalable network design that would happily extend with our growing global presence. Additionally, the network had to reach out into other datacenter locations, vendor types or into the end-user site to support a variety of hybrid cloud configurations while giving our providers the ultimate control over that design” said Josh Tipping, CTO at iCITA




About Hypernode

Part of the iCITA group of companies headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Hypernode is a hybrid enterprise datacentre infrastructure network, dedicated to providing secure platforms for public, private or hybrid cloud environments.
Hypernode’s two dedicated business units, Infrastructure Design and Data protection, bring together a suite of high availability and disaster recovery solutions along with on-demand network, server and storage infrastructure. The result is complete managed and redundant cloud solutions built to fit specific business needs.
Hypernode’s innovative network is powered by the most advanced hardware from Huawei, secured in world class facilities by Equinix, connected globally by China Telecom Global.

About iCITA

iCITA is a leading consultancy and infrastructure group servicing the information technology channel. It acts as an interface between technology vendors, distributors, integrators, datacenters, telcos, service providers and training partners. Comprised of an international member base, iCITA provides products & services aggregation, strategic consulting, and training to support the convergence of telecommunications and IT, including the emerging cloud market.


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