Business Continuity


Business Continuity Solutions and Consultancy

Be Proactive, rather than Reactive to Disaster


Disaster Recovery products are certainly important, however true planning for worst-case scenarios requires a complete Business Continuity plan. More than just backups or remote resources, a Business Continuity plan outlines and documents all business processes required to deal with a data loss or loss of availability scenario.

Ask Yourself ?

How do you deal with short or long term loss of connectivity or services at the on-premise locations?

How will the situation be dealt with where staff are unable to use their office for a period of time due to infrastructure issues?


These, in addition to common data loss or corruption scenarios, are part of the questions that need to be asked to build a fully capable Business Continuity plan. Hypernode are positioned to help in constructing these plans, along with ensuring that Disaster Recovery products supplied by Hypernode are correctly documented in such a way as to ensure BC plans can be accurately constructed.

The Hypernode Data Protection team are available to discuss consultancy for Business Continuity planning at any time, just call!

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