Hosted Mail/Web


Hosted Web and Mail with all the trimmings

Hypernode is a perfect platform to host your highly available Hosted Mail solutions and Web Servers.

Hosted Exchange

Not only can we provide you single or multi-site infrastructure, deployment and licensing for complete Microsoft Exchange hosting platforms (including DAG and clustering for complete redundancy), Hypernode has a range of value added tools to expand the features of your hosted offering.

Hypernode operates a a multi-tenanted, redundant hosted anti-spam filtering service that provides a high degree of accuracy and full administrative functionality, so you don’t need to source your own fully-featured anti-spam filtering solution.

Hosted Web

In addition to our infrastructure platforms, Hypernode operates a redundant cPanel hosting platform to deliver single or reseller (multi-site) based accounts to our partners. A great advantage in having all your hosted, cloud and web needs taken care of by a single provider.

Hosted inside the same fully redundant, secure infrastructure platform as all our other virtualised infrastructure, our web hosting platform is capable of delivering high performance websites down to basic sites, as required. Reseller access allows you full control to provision new domains, users, sites and additional services to your customers, just like our anti-spam platform.

With these value-add services, you don’t need to find another provider to fill in the gaps – Hypernode will connect you with the tools you need.


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