SAN Storage

SAN Storage

Hypernode’s SAN Storage provides the ideal storage for the vast majority of production workload virtual servers and databases. Offering a number of combinations of RAID levels for redundancy and performance, it’s simple to find a SAN Storage product for your requirements.

The SAN Storage product is delivered from a multi-vendor, enterprise grade array of SAN Hardware, all maintained and delivered by the Hypernode team.

At Hypernode, we’ve structured a suite of available storage levels to meet the various types of enterprise grade SAN storage that makes up our infrastructure. We’ve focussed on meeting the most common storage use cases to ensure you only need to pay for the appropriate storage levels you need, whether it be archival or backup data storage at a low cost, right up to RAID10 SAS15k production workloads or hyper-speed SSD storage. Our SAN’s are built on a variety of HP and Huawei enterprise SAN’s, offering right up to 10Gbe interconnects into dedicated or co-located servers.

Priced to suit YOUR needs

Hypernode’s SAN storage products are available per block, per month, meaning you only pay for the storage you need, and feel free to upgrade anytime.

In most cases,  your storage can be grown and changed without  experiencing any downtime for your servers. We know the array of storage types can sometimes be confusing – if there’s any doubt, the Hypernode team will help find the right types for your needs.

PlatinumRAID5SSDVery HighVery High

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