Virtual Servers


Virtual Servers

Infrastructure on demand

Hypernode’s range of virtual server products provide the fastest and most cost effective way to access server infrastructure in the cloud.

Built on the same first-class infrastructure as our dedicated hardware platforms, our virtual servers are available in a variety of configurations to meet your needs. All our virtual servers are backed by our flexible SAN Storage products, so you can match the best storage types to your servers as required.

Backed by our service level guarantees and flexible agreements, you get the best of both worlds including:

Hypervisor level console and administrative access.

Standard vCPU and RAM sizing or custom specifications.

VMWare ESX high availability cluster platform.

SAN Storage with choice of RAID levels and disk speeds.

Fully managed firewall, internet and edge services.

Dedicated, secure VLANs.

Multi-datacentre deployment options.


Priced to suit need – scalable month to month

Like all our services, our virtual servers are available on no-contract, month to month orders. Add or remove virtual servers, adjust specifications or change storage levels as required or dictated by your needs. This makes our virtual platform easy to budget for, and a perfect environment for any hosting requirement from development and test environments right up to fully hosted private cloud networks, mail, application servers and remote desktop farms.

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