Dedicated Hardware

Dedicated Hardware

Our Servers, SAN Storage and networking devices are dedicated to your environment.

Hypernode provides a range of cost-effective dedicated hardware options for those customers that require bare-metal installation of their platform, or would like to operate their own hypervisors without any contention of resources. The vast majority of our dedicated hardware options provide 4 to 8 core, single or dual processor blades with up to 256Gb RAM per blade. You’ll have access right down to the Integrated Lights Out management of your blades and with the capability to integrate with Hypernode’s full range of storage and networking products, as well as any co-located or hybrid infrastructure.

Backed by our service level guarantees and flexible agreements, you get the best of both worlds.

Full admin access without the headaches of repairing or upgrading hardware.

Single Processor or Multi-Core Servers.

High Density Blade Servers.

SAN Storage with choice of RAID and disk type.

Hardware Firewalls.

Network Switches.





Priced to suit need – scalable month to month

One of the great things about dedicated hardware from Hypernode is that you are able to scale in or out additional hardware on a month to month basis as your needs change. Dedicated hardware can be a highly cost effective option where you require non-contended, bare metal hardware for your needs, but with a fixed cost that removes the need to procure hardware and co-location, as well as having on going maintenance of the hardware taken care of. Dedicated hardware can be provisioned on a rapid basis to ensure you can get access to your infrastructure much faster than if you were to procure new systems.

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