Hypernode Servers

Flexible Virtual or Dedicated Hardware Server Options


At the core of any hosted datacenter infrastructure are a series of rock-solid server options. Hypernode have a range of both virtual and dedicated hardware options available, with a wide variety of specifications to ensure you can find a server to fit your requirements. Our virtualised solutions, based on best-of-breed VMWare platforms, are an extremely cost effective way to get into hosted infrastructure, with built in high availability and redundancy to ensure ever virtual server is protected from hardware failure.

Our dedicated server options are available for those who wish to run their own bare-metal operating systems, or where specific hypervisors like Xenserver or KVM, for example, are desired. Dedicated servers come with access right down to the integrated lights out for full management access. Flexible Layer 2 connectivity ensures you can have any configuration of VLAN’s and connectivity between multiple dedicated hardware servers.

Both our virtual and dedicated options are available in a range of configurations, backed by our SAN Storage products and Hypertrack L2/WAN connectivity, to ensure you have all the tools you need for a fully functional private cloud environment, whether it be one server or hundreds.

If you’d like assistance in determining the best type of server for your needs, talk to the Hypernode team.

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