Private WAN/IP

Private and Dedicated IP Services

Connect your way

While Hypernode provides a range of connectivity options for your datacentre services with our Hypertrack WAN service, we are also able to assist where you require dedicated network and internet solutions at the datacentre or to your premises. Hypernode has partnered with key Tier 1 Carriers to ensure we are positioned to help you provision connectivity anywhere in Australia and even across the world. Part of that Hypernode advantage is ensuring your datacenter and cloud provider can help you design a solution from our premises all the way to yours.

Regardless of your domestic or international needs, Hypernode can design and provide for you the connectivity you need:

Private, dedicated connectivity at a Hypernode Datacentre.

Private Layer 1, Layer 2 or Layer 3 connectivity between Hypernode Datacentres or other major datacentres, including 1-10Gbe Layer 2 cross connects.

China Telecom ChinaNet Peering.

Private Layer 2/Layer 3 between your own premises and Hypernode Datacentres.


Give Hypernode a call and chat with our team to discuss your connectivity and data requirements to structure a cost effective solution for your business.

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