Hypertrack L2

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Hypertrack Layer 2

Address your issues of security, network management and scalability through Hypertrack L2.

Range of connectivity options

Hypertrack L2 is a range of connectivity options that allows layer 2 connectivity. L2 can be offered within a single Hypernode datacentre to provide layer 2 networking services between Hypernode provided storage, network and server infrastructure as well as any co-located hardware.

Multi-site, high availability applications

Hypertrack L2 is also available between selected Hypernode datacentre locations. Hypernode can provide secure, private layer 2 VLANs between multiple datacenters to enable our partners to deploy multi-site, high availability applications quickly and easily.


Hypertrack L2, makes it simple: to extend a hosted environment across multiple sites. You can choose to continue using a single Hypertrack WAN instance for internet connectivity, or multiple WAN instances to provide completely redundant services from the public internet back to the datacentres themselves.

Hypernode’s partnership offer L2 connectivity to the on-premise location where available. If your platform or solution requires Layer 2 Ethernet connectivity from the premise to the datacentre, talk to our Hypernode Infrastructure team.

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