Node-Location-WDXWDX Disaster Recovery Facility

In addition to powering a large part of our DR products and services, Hypernode’s WDX facility offers two options for customer co-location.


Option 01: Co-Location

6 Kilowatts per 42U rack redundant.

Option 02: High density

22 Kilowatts per 42U rack redundant.

The common services for both of these offerings include pre-mounted, individually switched and metered Power Distribution Units.

Each Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is supported by an Uninterruptible Power Supply system (UPS). The UPS system receives power from either the commercial power utility or a standby generator. The UPS system conditions the power and feeds the conditioned power to the PDUs. In the event of a commercial power failure, a standby generator provides power to the UPS within 30 seconds.

Hypernode’s Co-Location offering supplies 2KW per 1/3 Rack (14U) via a metered and remotely switched Power Distribution Unit (PDU).

There is also an additional option of another 2KW PDU for redundant or non-redundant power. This brings to a total of 4KW available in each 1/3 rack or 12KW per 42U non-redundant. Our HP Performance Optimised Datacentre (POD) at WDX allows Hypernode to offer 22KW per 50U rack redundant, or 44KW, Non-Redundant via dual metered and remotely switched power rails.

The cooling requirements produced by supplying this much power to computing racks is addressed by micro-climate conditions created by the POD and is closely monitored through cooling and humidity Building Management Systems (BMS): all while being contained within a highly customised 20 foot (6 metre) shipping container.


Network Connectivity

OptusDC Edge connectivity provides Hypernode customers with Internet connectivity using Exetel/Optus Fibre and direct WAN backhaul via our Layer 2 service to EQX-SYD2, peered to 6 separate carriers.

If the customer is using co-location firewalls or routers, the connection is presented to the customer as an ethernet handoff. If the standard Hypertrack WAN service is being used then no customer equipment is necessary, as a virtual firewall is built on the Hypernode edge router. Hypernode has enabled the use of multi-homing of all customer internet traffic through all carriers in a redundant, active-active configuration. All Internet services provide N+1 redundancy through multiple ISP connectivity. Fibre into the data centre is delivered via opposite sides of the street in a dual-trench configuration.


Hypertrack L2

HypertrackHypernode currently has layer 2 services between the Hypernode Data Centre and EQX-SYD2 Datacentre as part of our Hypertrack L2 service.

These layer 2 services provide low-latency connectivity and VLAN Trunking services to customers. Cross-connect services to other peering networks, datacentres or carriers can be implemented at the EQX-SYD2 site and trunked to WDX.


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