Node-Location-MEL1Premier Co-Location Facility in Melbourne, VIC

Hypernode’s EQX-MEL1, located in Melbourne’s CBD at the Equinix MEL1 facility, operates a private cage and peering connectivity.

Hypernode offers two options for customer ordered power at EQX-MEL1.

Option 01: Co-Location

8 Kilowatts per 42U rack redundant.

Option 02: Co-Location

200w per RU


Some major highlights for Melbourne’s Equinix data centre include:

  • The 1,700 square meters of co-location space
  • This excessive storage space allows for 1,500 cabinets
  • Within a 3km radius, of Melbourne CBD, near Docklands

Melbourne is the centre point for software companies and a major representative of Australia’s business activity.

The ME1 IBX data center will enable new and existing Equinix customers to expand into Australia’s second-largest market and offer opportunities to interconnect to our many network, cloud, IT, digital content and financial services ecosystems. And local companies can significantly reduce application and services latency by deploying at our onshore datacentres.



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