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The concept of Hypernode grew from a review of services of the Infraserve Datacentre in Wyong, NSW.  The  Henry Kendell Group (HKG), owners of Infraserve, commissioned the leading IT consultancy and service provider iCITA to undertake the review.

iCITA identified the industry trend to move away from the bare-bones Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that was being offered by Infraserve. But it was also identified that Infraserve had been developed with great forethought enabling it to be adapted to service the evolving industry.

A new venture is born

Recognising the potential of a partnership, iCITA and HKG began a new joint venture that has seen the development of a comprehensive IT service built to complement the existing resources of Infraserve.

Unique opportunities for Disaster Recovery

With a physical datacentre located in the regional area of Wyong, about 150kms from the Sydney CBD, Hypernode has been able to develop a unique offering in the emerging industry of Disaster Recovery as a Service.

This ensures a choice of locations to have standby physical or virtual servers ready to deploy in the event of a disaster, and that the Hypernode data protection team can design recovery solutions that scales and meet a diverse range of recovery point objectives and requirements.

A blend of talents

By blending the commercial experience of HKG and the technical expertise of iCITA, Hypernode was born, a company that offers disaster recovery, business continuity, managed databases and hosted desktops.

By leveraging iCITA’s strategic relationships with industry leaders including Equinix,  OS33, HP and Cisco, a diverse range of interconnected services can be offered. These services can be fully supported through the resources of the iCITA group of companies which includes Cloudhive, idocportal and Paygroup Australia.

According to Damien Wilde, Executive Director of HKG, “We are confident that Hypernode will offer well-rounded solutions for our customers in ways that best suits their individual needs.’

“It will allow peace of mind – knowing they are working within an Australian based cloud environment, backed up by local support 24/7.”

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