Our Network

Our Network


Hypernode operates a best-of-breed network at the core of our datacentre locations and services.


On a foundation of world-class datacentre switching and routing hardware, Hypernode delivers a virtualised firewall and routing platform that ensures every one of our customers has access to secure, flexible network edge technology. Joined to a multi-carrier WAN edge and a collection of private site-to-site fibre links and peering services, Hypernode ensures you are always in touch with your data and services.

Hypernode’s Hypertrack product suite is a range of connectivity options from WAN Internet Connectivity all the way to co-location based physical ports.

At its core, Hypertrack is a range of Layer 2 and Layer 3 connections that allow you to utilise network ports and services between Hypernode Infrastructure, co-location and across multiple Hypernode datacentres or out to the web. Regardless of your needs, Hypertrack will ensure a network design to meet your needs can be delivered.

Feel free to chat to a member of our technical teams for more information or to discuss your requirements.

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